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Welcome to DoubanFM API Code Pack


DoubanFM API Code Pack is an unofficial DoubanFM API package for .NET platform developed by Ran QUAN (Chobi-Q). This package wraps all the complicated network logic into a single coherent component so that you can use this package to build your own DoubanFM client easily.


  • Request with cookie enabled.
  • User sign-in status saving and loading.
  • Last time played channel saving and loading.
  • Get DoubanFM playlist without sign-in.
  • Interact with DoubanFM server with all types of operation supported, which provides personalized data as much as official client, operation types include:
    • New List (n)
    • Bin (b)
    • Skip (s)
    • Plays To End (e)
    • Playing Last (p)
    • Like (r)
    • Unlike (u)

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